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Hired in 7 Days! 

How to hire an amazing unlicensed assistant in 7 days!

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You need to hire an assistant, but you have a problem... 

You are crazy busy

You don't have hours to spend reviewing resumes and interviewing dozens of candidates. 

You want someone great

You are not sure how to interview the best candidates. You just know you want someone amazing. 

You want to avoid a bad hire

You know a bad hire may be worse than not hiring anyone. You want to avoid the time and cost of a bad hire.

In our upcoming workshop you will discover... 

  • How to quickly sift through hundreds of resumes to find the best candidates. (Hint: they do all the legwork for you.)

  • How to determine how much to pay. (Let's be honest pay can vary greatly from region to region)

  • What to put in the job posting to attract the best quality candidates
  • A simple 5-minute hack that will save you hours of interview time. 

  • A step-by-step plan to help you go from job posting to hiring in just 7 days. 

  • The ideal interview questions to ask to determine if someone is the right fit for your business. 

Here is what we know...

An average  admin job posting will get 90+ resumes. In larger markets that number can balloon into the 100's really quickly. (This job posting was live for only 3 days!!) 

Introducing the Hired in 7 Days Method

1. Wipeout HR Method (Value $197)

2. Hired in 7 Days Formula (Value $197)

3. Job posting templates (Value $47)

4. HR Obstacle Course (Value $47)

5. Ideal Interview Questions (Value $47)

Total Value = $535

Today's Price = $97 USD

Get Instant Access Now for Just $97

What do you get? 

Wipeout HR Method

Part 1

  • How to find the best candidate in hours, instead of weeks. 
  • How to determine when you need to hire. 
  • How to apply strategic obstacles to reduce your work and improve the candidate quality. 
  • How to have your candidates self-select if they are not the right fit. 
  • 5 obstacles you can use to spot the top candidates. 
  • How to eliminate people who are simply resume-spamming. 

Hired in 7 Day Formula

Part 2

  • A  guide on what to do each day so you can find an assistant in just 7 days
  • One tweak to your job posting that will eliminate 80% of the work for you. (But still bring you lots of quality candidates.) 
  • A simple 5-minute hack to save hours of interview time. 
  • The ideal questions to ask when hiring an assistant. 
  • How to schedule your interviews so this can be done in one afternoon. 


Part 3

  • Job Posting Templates including all job details
  • How to emphasize your specific requirements in the posting
  • How to pick your HR Obstacle Course to match your job requirements
  • Ideal Interview Questions and what kind of answers you are looking for

Everything you need to reduce your assistant search from days to hours. 

Get Instant Access Now for Just $97

Hey, I'm Scott Peckford!

We started a Human Resources service by accident. Let me fill you in on how:

I have been a mortgage broker since 2006. Along with a few friends, we launched the "10 Loans a Month" training company to help mortgage brokers fund 10+ loans a month. 

As our clients began to scale, they started to get busy... Really busy! We would call them and say "Hey, we haven't seen you on any of our coaching calls?" They would tell us they were simply swamped with work.

We quickly realized they needed to hire help. However, they didn't have the time or knowledge to go and find someone great. 

We started doing assistant searches for our coaching clients to help them get their time back. (And selfishly, so they would be able to attend to our coaching calls.) 

It turns out we got pretty good at hiring assistants and started offering this service to non-coaching clients. 

Fast forward to today... We have taken all the lessons from hiring dozens of mortgage broker assistants and packed it into this mini-workshop called "Hired in 7 Days!" 


Introducing the Hired in 7 Days Method

1. Wipeout HR Method Workshop (Value $197)

2. Hired in 7 Day Formula (Value $197)

3. Job posting templates (Value $47)

4. HR Obstacle Course (Value $47)

5. Ideal Interview Questions (Value $47)

Total Value = $535

Today's Price = $97 USD

Get Instant Access Now for Just $97

Let's face it... 

You started this career for time freedom, but as you move forward, you are feeling like you are working more hours than you ever did in your previous career. The truth is this is an amazing industry when you get good at it. You have figured out how to get mortgages. That is the first and often hardest step… now you want to focus time on things that matter. Like more time with family, more time working on the parts of the business you love. 

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